Temperature switch TSK-Atex series

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  • ATEX application Zone 1 (cat. 2G), intrinsically safe as per EN 60079-11
  • Simple, robust design
  • Electrical inner part, easy to remove
  • Optionally DIN connector or M12 base connector
  • Cable outlet direction adjustable in 90° steps for DIN connector
  • Elastic sealing ring

Since the viscosity of oil changes based on the temperature, operating temperatures must be monitored. Depending on the requirements, monitoring by means of indicating the minimum temperature to warning points and ending with shut down, will suffice. The warning or shut-off points are implemented using a bimetallic switch and in the process, hysteresis can also be used as a reset point.

The TSK-Atex series consists of simple electrical equipment. In the case of intrinsically safe connections as per EN 60079-11, the TSK-Atex can be used in Zone 1 (group IIC, device category 2G) explosive areas; this also applies to the inner zone of the tank. The temperature switches are classified into temperature class T4. The design of the temperature switch was chosen, to enable the removal of the electrical inner workings without having to remove the switching tube from the tank. This is convenient if the temperature switch is installed externally underneath oil.

TSK-Atex series