Tsurumi launches 22 kW models in KTZ series

Tsurumi has added two 22 kW models to its KTZ-series, the KTZ422 (4-in) and KTZ622 (6-in) submersible pumps which support models ranging from 1.5 to 15 kW.


Tapflo launches CTX centrifugal pump series

Tapflo’s CTX centrifugal pump design makes it adaptable for many different applications and process conditions, providing greater flexibility, upgrade options and part interchangeability.


Trumpf and Sick want to develop 'small, handy' quantum sensors

Sick CEO Robert Bauer said at a digital press conference: "The quantum sensor will be able to measure particles that are a fifth of a micrometer in size."


GEA extends Red heat pump series

GEA has launched new versions of its Red series of heat pumps with all models available with an ammonia cascade evaporator making them compatible with any refrigeration system, and the RedAstrum series now has a total of seven models.