Portable Gas Conditioning PCS.base

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  • Developed for mobile gas analysis
  • Optimal for probe type Baseline
  • Compact design
  • Ideal for service, comparison- and sample measurement
  • System and accessories built into a lightweight transport bag
  • Consists of cooler with condensate trap, filter and pump
  • Moisture detector, flow meter and various accessories optional
  • Selectable Delta-T control for optimal cooling capacity
  • Adjustable outlet dew point and alarms

In addition to stationary analysers, gas analysis for monitoring emissions also uses portable methods. The actual measuring task determines the complexity of the sampling/analysis units. Since not all control points are easy to access, operators are interested in suitable and light equipment with a small pack size.

Even under this premise, extracting the sample gas must meet high standards to ensure the measurements are reliable.
Depending on the application, this also requires conditioning the sample gas on site.
The PCS.base portable gas conditioning system has a gas cooler to lower the dew point and separate condensation, particle filter, condensate trap and pump. The entire unit comes inside a compact, light carrying bag which also has room for electric lines and the simple Baseline gas probe.

Tragbare Gasaufbereitung PCS.base