Sample Gas Cooler EGK 4S

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  • Compressor Cooler
  • Nominal capacity 800 kJ/h respectively 583 Btu/hr
  • Up to 4 gas paths
  • Stainless steel, glass or PVDF heat exchanger
  • Temperature and status display
  • Ambient temperature up to 50 °C / 122 °F

EGK series compressor sample gas coolers feature a construction design which ensures they maintain an extremely stable gas outlet dew point. At the core of this cooler is a cooling block which, along with the sophisticated Bühler constant control system, ensures even heat dissipation. The cooling system is charged with CFC-free refrigerant and is maintenance-free.

The control system keeps the preset output dew point at a constant. A display shows the temperature of the cooling block. If also features a fail-safe control relay output for excess and low temperature. These status outputs mark a range of ± 3 K of the output dew point setting. The relay output can e.g. be used to control the sample gas pump to allow for the gas flow to only be switched on once the permissible cooling range has been reached.

Depending on the task, the EGK 4S can be equipped with up to four heat exchangers of different types and materials. This allows for up to eight separate gas paths. The condensate can be drained via peristaltic pumps or automatic condensate drains. The cooler can be equipped with adjustable feet, mounting brackets, or handles.