Temperature sensor Thermolog MK2- / EK2 - Desina series

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Brand Bühler
Reference MK2- / EK2 - Desina series
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  • Simple, robust design
  • Small dimensions
  • Electrical inner part, easy to remove
  • M12 base connector
  • Elastic sealing ring
  • Desina

The temperature sensor Thermolog MK2 / EK2 designed by Bühler Technologies is produced according to the Desina standard.

Desina is a brand name of the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association) and stands for a technically specified standardised installation concept on machine tools, which has decentralised structures.

With the standard analogue output of 4-20 mA found nearly throughout the entire sector of temperature measuring technology, the Thermolog MK2 / EK2 provides a continuous signal, which remains stable over long distances irrespective of the cable length. A Pt-100 is used as a sensor. The transmitter has a small and compact design and is located in the hexagon head. The Thermolog MK2 / EK2 measures the current temperature quickly and precisely and converts it into an analogue signal 4-20 mA. This signal can be implemented in the system control unit in any number of threshold values.

MK2- / EK2 - Desina series

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