Coalescence Filter K-AGF-VA-23

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Brand Bühler
Reference K-AGF-VA-23
Commercial proposal

  • Bühler Unique quick-release fastener
  • Very quick and easy filter changes without tools
  • Low dead volume
  • Variable wall-mounting via spacer block
  • Condensate drain through connection thread (G3/8) inside the filter cover
  • Bypass connection inside the filter head (G1/4)

Gas analysis is a complex field. The sample gas to be analysed must be extracted and handled under quite diverse conditions to yield representative and reliable analysis results. One disturbance variable which must also be eliminated is aerosols.

The aqueous suspended particles can easily be removed from the gas by coagulation using special filter matrices. During this process, the tiny aerosols accumulate on the fibres of the filter matrix through collision, forming drops increasing in size. Once large enough, the condensate which forms drains into the filter bowl and is then removed.

Model K-AGF-VA-23 has the housing from the AGF-VA filter series made from stainless steel and with the respective fittings to adapt it for the coagulation function. The easy installation and the Unique quick-release fastener are additional features of this model.


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