Fiber optic LWLA

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  • Range of 2000 m
  • Space-saving cabling
  • Simple commissioning
  • LEDs for monitoring
  • Flexible connection options

Fiber optic cables – reliable signal transmission under difficult environmental conditions.

These fiber optic modules are perfect for reliable signal transmission in interference-prone environments. The signal transmission takes place via a fiber optic cable, which can transmit absolute values up to 2000 m. The status LED on the front makes function monitoring simple

Range 2000 m
Dimension 19 mm x 92 mm x 110 mm
Working temperature -10 °C ... 70 °C
Protection level IP20
Interfaces SSI, binary
SSI, gray
Inputs coding D+, D-, C+, C-
D+, D-, C+, C-
Outputs coding D+, D-, C+, C-
D+, D-, C+, C-
Input frequency 1000000 Hz
Output frequency 1000000 Hz
Supply voltage 5 V DC
10...30 V DC
Transmission rate Mbit/s
Reliable transmission
  • Secure data transmission up to 2000 m.
  • Resistant to extremely strong electromagnetic fields.

Simple commissioning
  • Signal transmission via only one optical fiber.
  • Clock rate 1 to 99 bit adjustable via rotary switch.
  • LEDs for monitoring the supply voltage and the
  • DIN rail mounting with small space requirement - only 19 mm wide.