Signal converters SK 1S1D-1A2RS

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Brand Kübler
Reference SK 1S1D-1A2RS
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  • Extremely short conversion time
  • Programmable linearization
  • Simple programming
  • Supports OS6.0 software

Universal signal converter for analog output signals.

The SK 1A-1S1D2RS is a universal converter for analog output signals of ±10 V or 0/4 to 20 mA. The module converts digital signals into a analog format (frequency, position, or angular position), while the input format can be an incremental signal or an absolute value in SSI format. In addition, the conversion result can be retrieved via a serial RS232 or RS485 interface or a USB port. The module is quickly and easily mounted in the control cabinet on a standard DIN rail.

Dimension 23 mm x 102 mm x 102 mm
Working temperature 0 °C ... 45 °C
Protection level IP20
Connection types Screw terminals
Input interfaces TTL / RS422
SSI, binary
SSI, gray
Output interfaces Analog ±10 V
Analog 0–10 V
Analog 0–20 mA
Analog 4–20 mA
Input frequency 1.000.000 Hz
Output frequency Hz
Supply voltage 18...30 V DC
• Multifunctional unit with several operating modes for incremental encoders or SSI absolute
• For incremental encoders:
Operating modes as frequency converter or position transducer (pulse counter)
Universal incremental inputs (HTL/TTL/RS422) for NPN/PNP/NAMUR encoders and sensors
Functions such as linkages (eg. A+B), scaling, filters, start-up bridging, …
Input frequencies up to 1 MHz
• For SSI absolute encoders:
Master or Slave operation with clock frequencies up to 1 MHz
For single turn and multi turn encoders with SSI formats from 10 … 32 Bit
Functions such as bit suppression, round-loop function, scaling, …
• 16 bit analog output, configurable for voltage or current operation
• RS232/RS485-interface for configuration and serial readout
• Extremely short conversion times
• Linearization with 24 control points
• Auxiliary voltage output 5 and 24VDC for encoder supply
• Numerous connection options via 6 control inputs and 6 control outputs
• Compact rail housing to EN60715
• Easy parameterization via user interface OSxx (Freeware)

  • Transforming of SSI and Frequency signals
  • Scaling of SSI, Frequency- and impuls signals



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