Signal splitter SP 1SC-2SC2D

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Reference SP 1SC-2SC2D
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  • Lossless signal duplication
  • Conversion from SinCos to digital
  • Up to 4 simultaneous output signals

Signal splitter - distributes signals lossless to several terminal devices.

The SP 1SC-2SC2D signal splitter is used to distribute signals from SinCos encoders or measuring systems to several terminals without loss and without problems. It has 2 SinCos outputs and 2 incremental outputs (HTL or TTL/ RS422).
Connected terminals can be controlled either with SinCos signals or with incremental pulses.
The module is quickly and easily mounted in the control cabinet on a standard DIN rail.

Dimension 22 mm x 102 mm x 102 mm
Working temperature 0 °C ... 45 °C
Protection level IP20
Connection types Screw terminals
Sub-D connector
Input interfaces SinCos
Output interfaces TTL / RS422
Inputs coding Sin+, Sin-, Cos+, Cos-, Ref+, Ref-, 0
Outputs coding A, B, 0
Sin+, Sin-, Cos+, Cos-, Ref+, Ref-
A, A|, B, B|, 0, 0|
Input frequency 500.000 Hz
Output frequency 500.000 Hz
Supply voltage 17...30 V DC
  • Encoder supply 5 V or 24 V (switchable).
  • Encoder signal input in the 1 Vpp format:
    SIN+ / SIN- / COS+ / COS- / REF+ / REF-.
  • Two SinCos outputs with the same format as the input.
  • Two incremental outputs in the format A, /A, B, /B, 0, /0
  • Adjustable for TTL/RS422 or HTL level (10 ... 30 V DC).
  • Maximum SinCos input frequency 500 kHz.
  • Lost-free duplication of encoder signals.
  • Conversion from SinCos into rectangular.