ISO-GARD Bearing Isolators

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Exceptional bearing protection

ISO-GARD® bearing isolators offer exceptional bearing protection for pumps, motors, and bearing supported industrial equipment under the harshest conditions.

ISO-GARD® products are constructed using a filled PTFE material which provides excellent chemical resistance. 

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Country of Origin: 
United States


  • Easy by-hand installation — no need for an arbor press
  • Uses less energy than contact lip seals
  • Compliant with safety and industry manufacturing standards
  • Non-contact engineered labyrinth design reduces shaft drag
  • Lifetime bearing protection increases mean time between failure (MBTF)
  • Extended bearing life
  • Consistent sealing performance
  • Non-wearing components
  • Engineered labyrinth designs exclude contamination while retaining bearing lubrication, to IP 55 ratings
  • Non-wearing components means seal properties are not degraded over time
  • Faster mean time to repair (MTTR) during rebuilds
  • Eliminates repairs for shaft grooving
  • Eliminates repairs for seal housings


  • Surpasses IEEE 841-2001 Standards
  • The rotor and the stator are both manufactured with FDA compliant filled PTFE
  • FDA Fluoroelastomer O-rings 
  • Speeds up to 4,500 fpm (22.9 m/s)
  • Axial motion up to +/- 0.015in. (0.38 mm)
  • Radial misalignment up to +/- 0.020in. (0.51 mm)


  • Flanged
  • Flangeless - Does not extend past face of housing
  • Grease Purge - Relief in seal allows regreasing with no disassembly of equipment
  • Small Cross Section - Fits in c/s as small as 0.188in. (4.76 mm)
  • Split Pillow Block Housings
  • Step Shaft - Custom designed for applications where the shaft has a step
  • Vertical - Vertical design for top applications


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ISO-GARD Bearing Isolators