9001 QUICKSET LE - Low Emissions Packing Set

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Reference 9001 QUICKSET LE - Low Emissions Packing Set
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Convenient versitile low emissions packing specifically designed for shallow stuffing boxes

9001 QUICKSET® offers “Low Emissions” service and long life even in shallow stuffing boxes. The compact design of QUICKSET helps reduce valve stem friction over other taller set designs, resulting in a more efficient, less costly use of plant resources to control actuated valves.


  • 9001 QUICKSET® LE version* is configured to offer the best fugitive emissions sealing performance in shallow stuffing boxes 
  • The field proven Garlock "cup and cone" design permits a controlled radial expansion to create an effective seal against both valve stem and bore.
  • This engineered set is well suited to seal older or more worn valves. Emissions compliance can often be achieved without the expenses of bringing the valves back to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • For steam and power generation application, the 9001 QUICKSET® DT version* provides a more consistent sealing efficiency over a wider temperature range.  The compact design will help reduce stem friction for more efficient valve actuation and longer equipment life.

*NOTE: 9001 QUICKSET®LE configured with 1303FEP end rings, 9001 QUICKSET®DT configured with 1303DRY end rings.


  • Min. Temperature: -328°F / -200°C
  • Max. Temperature:  850°F / 455°C
  • Max. Valve Pressure: 10,000 psi / 689.5 bar


  • Shallow stuffing boxes


  • QUICKBUSHING® bushings in matching sizes can retrofit deeper stuffing boxes.
  • Fire Tested to API-589, API-607*

*NOTE: API-607 4th Ed.  


9001 QUICKSET LE - Low Emissions Packing Set