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Seating cup

LubriKup® Type HR Seating Cups are molded to the proper density and ensure a precise fit in accordance with API standards. Type HR Seating Cups are available in Regular Composition, Hi-Temp, and Nylon-Plastic.

LubriKup® Type O Seating Rings are molded with the same precision as the Type HR seating cups and are made in a similar design, with the exception that the clamping flange is omitted. Type O Seating Cups are available only in Nylon-Plastic.

Both types are available in most common sizes.


Fabric Reinforced Materials

  • Style 667 - Industry Standard      Density:  Hard      Max. Temp.:  250° F (121° C)
  • Style 749 - Premium Grade         Density:  Hard      Max. Temp. : 300° F (149° C)

Lo-Friction Materials 

  • Style 100  Density:  Hard      Max. Temp.: 250° F (121° C)
  • Style 500  Density:  Hard      Max. Temp.:   300°F (149°C)
LubriKup Seating Cups

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