Style 1398 Nuclear Grade Valve Stem Packing

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Reference Style 1398 Nuclear Grade Valve Stem Packing
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Garlock style 1398 is a nuclear grade braided flexible graphite valve stem packing.

The graphite-containing INCONEL® filament reinforces the packing to handle BWR (General Electric) and PWR (Westinghouse, Combustion Engineering, and Babcock Wilcox) valve service conditions as an end-ring material for use with other graphite products. Style 1398 can also be used as a bushing material in the bottom of the stuffing box to fill any excess depth not needed for sealing components.


  • High-purity graphite, contains no PTFE
  • Suitable material for end rings or as a bushing to fill excess stuffing box depth
  • Garlock style 1398 can be certified to GE Spec. D50YP12 Rev. 2


  • Min. Temperature:        -328°F / -200°C
  • Max. Temperature:        850°F / 455°C
  • Max. Valve Pressure:     3,000 psi / 206.8 bar


  • Nuclear Grade

Additional Information

INCONEL is a registered trademark of Huntington Alloys Corporation.

Style 1398 Nuclear Grade Valve Stem Packing