Tapflo’s CTX centrifugal pump design makes it adaptable for many different applications and process conditions, providing greater flexibility, upgrade options and part interchangeability.

A central feature of the Tapflo CTX design is its multi-faceted open impeller which can be optimised for different media and applications whilst allowing the transfer viscous products, particularly those with an increased solids content. In addition, there is the option of a double mechanical seal which is applied when hostile media conditions occur, such as with high viscosity, solids’ content or if the liquid is gaseous or hazardous.

Tapflo’s CTX pumps are available in Hygienic (CTX H) and Industrial (CTX I) versions and offer high levels of performance in different operating conditions and industries.  For example, in dairy applications, such as the transfer of milk and yogurt, or in demanding chemical and pharmaceutical applications like the transport of chemicals and ready-made products from storage tanks, containers, and baths.

The company says the Tapflo CTX H is a highly hygienic and sanitised centrifugal pump because the shaft sealing is not in direct contact with any fluid. It´s easy to clean, avoiding contamination of the transferred fluid.