Gas Converter BÜNOx 2+

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Brand Bühler
Reference BÜNOx 2+
Commercial proposal

  • 19” rack mount housing
  • Optional bypass solenoid valves
  • Optional long-life cartridges (extended service life)
  • Low temperatures for high efficiency
  • NOxCal service controller for predictive maintenance
  • Optimised menu navigation
  • Easy cartridge replacement without tools
  • High conversion rate > 97%
  • High NO2 resistance

In order to protect humans and the environment, the emission of nitric oxides must be reduced as much as possible. In order to use cost-effective gas analysis methods, such as infrared technology for the monitoring technology, the NO2 rate in the emitted gases must be catalytically converted to NO.

The conversion takes place in small reactors with electric heating, which are filled with various catalyst materials. Energy-efficient operation of these NOx converters - thus the entire analysis process - requires keeping the operating temperatures as low as possible. It’s also important the materials used in the catalysis process do not generate additional CO and have a long service life.
The BÜNOx 2+ converter series offers high energy efficiency, converter materials with a long service life and, thanks to the standard maintenance calculator, particularly reasonable operating costs.

BÜNOx 2+

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