People, environment, technology: we have an integrated perspective

As a family-run business with 300 employees we manufacture a wide range of products in Germany for customers all over the world. We share the values of many other medium-sized businesses run by a family.

Shape the future in a reliable manner

A great number of our employees have been working for us for a lot of years, and some of them even for decades. Quite frequently, entire families have been connected with us over generations, e.g. the father works as a metalworker and the daughter as an office clerk. This is something we are quite proud of.

For us loyalty means reliability and continuity: the knowledge and the experience concerning products and work processes are anchored deeply, and they are always available within the company at all levels. We are all working together in order to shape our future by trying to keep advancing our company so that it will always be an employer with excellent prospects. This does not only include job security, but also training and qualification opportunities as well as health care and work safety. We have made considerable progress here in the last few years, and we will certainly continue to work on these issues.

Increase potentials for environmental protection

As a family-run company we think in long-term categories, and our decisions are based thereupon. This also applies to environmental protection. At present, a lot of measures have already been stipulated by legislative bodies. We certainly regard this positively. Nevertheless, we realize more potentials with regard to environmental protection in our company since economy and ecology are no contradictory goals for us.

Quite frequently, technical innovations allow for energy savings and the reduction of emissions. This applies to our company as well. Thanks to our production know-how a number of interesting and efficient projects have been initiated. A lot of these ideas have come from our own employees.

Competence for industrial chains and sprockets

It is our daily challenge to supply our customers with the optimal product – that means optimal for the required application and for the customers’ specific requirements. In some cases it means that we actually develop and manufacture very special chain types for one particular customer. In order to be able to do so, three things are important:

- Firstly: innovative product engineering. We are continuously improving well-proven and established products in the areas of drive and conveyance technology or are looking for possible innovations. One example for this is the maintenance-free chain.

- Secondly: excellent production engineering. Our production processes are also constantly improved upon. Quite frequently effective, new products are only possible because of innovative production methods.

- Thirdly: competent application consulting.

One aspect of our application consulting is that we have been collecting and combining the experience in chain and sprocket applications in various areas for decades. This is particularly interesting for us whenever customers approach us with some exceeding and challenging requirements.

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